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Conservatory Designs & Styling

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Design & Appearance Options:

Conservatory Designs

Conservatories come in a large array of appearances, colours & shapes, some very grand, some quite simple, but most designs can be found to fit into a general category that will give a broad idea of how the Conservatory will look and what features predominate in the design.

As mentioned above, Conservatories come in many shapes & sizes; some are more easily identified than others; so to give you an idea of what the most popular Conservatories look like, you can find them on the following pages:

The amount of personalisation that can be achieved with modern Conservatory designs is truly extensive, from the wide range of colours & finishes to the lock & handle furniture; almost every aspect of the installation can be modified to meet the demands of even the most challenging situations.

Conservatory Colour Options:

Modern manufacturing methods can now create different colours & textures for Upvc, allowing you to have a much greater choice in how your conservatory will look.

Glass & Poly-carbonate Roofing:

Poly-carbonate roofing offers a lower cost, very strong light-weight alternative to full glass double glazed units for your conservatory. The reduction in weight can also help reduce installation costs.

The glass used in the sealed units can now improve the thermal and insulation properties, Low emissivity glass (Low-E) glass is coated with metal oxide which will allow light in but reduces outbound heat loss. (It can also do the reverse by keeping the interior cooler)


Major Glass producers have developed new glazing products which create “passive solar gain” – in short, the glass units can help control heat radiation.

The size of the gap between the panes will also impact on sound reduction and heat retention, in practice the larger the gap, the better the performance. However, if the gap between the panes is too large, it will induce air circulation within the sealed unit destroying its thermal benefit.

For added safety & security, toughened safety glass should be fitted – especially in all low level areas and any places that could be subject to impact, or where there are likely to be children around.

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