Edwardian & Victorian Conservatories:

Victorian Conservatories can let you be creative in the design, with elaborate details such as arched panels, corbels & dentils, maybe even deep eaves.

The classic look is with facets that give a rounded appearance – Three or five equal facets would be the norm but it’s not limited and they could also include features such as French doors to keep the character.

Because of their rounded floor plans, you may have to take a bit of time to consider how & where your furniture will go in order to maximize the available space.

Additional Features include:

Edwardian & Victorian conservatories

  • Dwarf walls in brickwork / Solid in-fill panels / Poly-carbonate roofing panels
  • Full-Glass sides / Half-Glass Sides / Patterned or Leaded Glass / Low-e thermal Glass
  • French Doors or Folding Doors
  • Wood-grain effect or smooth surfaces / Choice of colours

Energy Efficiency:

With so much glass used in the walls, it is well worthwhile thinking about how to regulate the temperature inside the conservatory as the outside weather can have quite an effect on the heat or cold that builds up on the inside of the room.

There are a number of ways to address these issues: Thermally efficient (low-e) glazing; can regulate the flow of heat & cold through the glass. Under-floor heating; can provide efficient and even heating during colder months. Roof Vents; can greatly improve ventilation & reduce excess heat build-up during sunny days.

Edwardian & Victorian Conservatory Prices

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