Georgian & Gable Conservatories:

Georgian & Gable Conservatories

Both the Georgian & Gable Conservatories design is rectangular or square for the basic look and they are generally quite symmetrical in the way they are laid out. Commonly, Georgian Conservatories have high lift roofing that could best be described as “vaulted” (quite similar to the Edwardian Conservatory), which makes the room very bright & airy.

Additional Features include:

  • Dwarf walls in brickwork / Solid in-fill panels
  • Full or Half-Glass Sides with or without openers.
  • UPVC Wood-grain surfaces / Engineered or Hardwood Options with choice of
  • Energy Efficient Glass & Poly-carbonate roofing panels

With Gable Conservatories, the front of the room is similar in shape to the end or side of a house; the “gable-end”, so the roof only has 2 angles and slopes in from the sides of the conservatory.

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