Lean-to Conservatory Design:

As one of the simplest styles, Lean-to Conservatories are perfect for somewhere to start & can even be found in “kits” with pre-fabricated bases & sides which offer great value for money.

The advantage of having a simple rectangular or square floor plan is that you can utilise all the space, as there are no awkward corners or angles to contend with when considering how or where to place your furniture.

Popular Features

lean-to conservatories

The size & look of the Lean-to Conservatory is not limited to being a “glorified greenhouse” as there are many options which can enhance the appearance and with modern design applications there are now some quite spectacular examples to be seen in the market place.

Energy Efficiency:

With so much glass used in the walls, it is well worthwhile thinking about how to regulate the temperature inside the conservatory as the outside weather can have quite an effect on the heat or cold that builds up on the inside of the room.

There are a number of ways to address these issues:

  • Thermally efficient (low-e) glazing; can regulate the flow of heat & cold through the glass.
  • Under-floor heating; can provide efficient and even heating during colder months.
  • Roof Vents; can greatly improve ventilation & reduce excess heat build-up during sunny days.
  • Poly-carbonate roofing panels; can help to reduce heat build-up.
  • Tinted or coloured glass; can also help regulate internal heat build-up.
  • Air Conditioning; although not essential, can really make the room very pleasant all year round.
  • Venetian, Roller or Roman Window Blinds; a cheap & effective way to control light.

Planning Permission:

Whilst the majority of Lean to Conservatory installations in the UK fall into the “permitted development ” category and have no need for planning permission, it is advisable to check before starting work – there is a general guide here:

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