Conservatory Doors

Conservatory Doors & Patio Doors:

Features & Styling

The style of Conservatory Doors you choose can dramatically change the look of your room.

To make the most of your conservatory, choosing the right type of doors can be an important factor. If the doors are too small, too large, open the wrong way or are positioned badly they can reduce the amount of usable space or totally spoil the look & function of the room.

For example, if you are tight for space, then an inward opening door would not make much sense, but you may also not have enough width for sliding doors – so maybe outward opening French Doors could be a better option. But without doubt, the doors that will give the most dramatic effect and the clearest opening will be Multi-fold or Bif0ld.

Conservatory Door Styles & Designs

conservatory doors

To keep it simple, we divided Conservatory Door styles in to 3 basic categories which should help in selecting which may suit your situation the most.

(To find out more on each style, just click on the name)

Safety & Security is also important with many locking systems engaging at multiple points around the doors & frame, with added features to defeat unwanted visitors. Toughened safety glass should be fitted where it reaches ground level or in vulnerable areas (especially where children are likely to play around).

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