Conservatory Planning Permission

Abbreviated Planning permission guide for Conservatories.

A large number of Conservatory Installations in the UK are built without the need for planning permission, but if you are thinking of installing a new room then it is always best to check first. If you make a mistake and start building your conservatory without prior planning permission when it is required, then you may be instructed to demolish it.

Always check with you local planning office to be sure.

Conservatory Planning Permission

As a general guide, if your conservatory meets certain criteria requirements, you may not need planning permission, but it doesn’t follow that building regulations can be by-passed because Conservatories will have to meet the standards for “Approved Document N” related to safe glazing in critical locations.

Quick Guide:  planning permission may not be needed if your conservatory is:

  • Only for Domestic usage.
  • Built on the ground level. (single story also)
  • Has a floor area of 30sq Mtr or less.
  • Does not include a sleeping area.
  • It doesn’t interfere or affect the existing drains.
  • The doors between the new Conservatory & the existing building are of external door quality.
  • The electrics, glass and any alterations made to the existing house need to meet any relevant building regulations that could apply.
  • If you are fitting heating, it should have independent / separate controls.

In short, if you are going for a medium to large conservatory you will probably need some kind of planning permission as it may not qualify as a “permitted development”.

Luckily, most competent installers are fully aware of the need to take planning permission into consideration and most, if not all will be able to deal with it in a competent and timely fashion.

To find more detailed information, you can go to the Planning Portal MINI GUIDE – it’s simple & very easy to use.

Your Installer Can Often Handle All Aspects Of Project Management Including Planning Permission Advice

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