Conservatory Prices Guide

Conservatory Prices Guide

conservatories prices guide

It probably is already in your mind that the cost of your new conservatory is going to be influenced by 2 major factors and these are usually the size & the style – a big fancy room is obviously going to cost more than a small simple one.

But there are a few other points that are worth being reminded about, because sometimes we overlook the obvious.

Common Factors That Can Influence the Cost of A Conservatory

  • Windows / Glazing – the energy rating chosen or even the number that open & close.
  • Doors / Access – the type of door will have a pricing impact.
  • Material – Wood, UPVC or Aluminium al have different price structures.
  • Size – over a certain set of dimensions could mean you need planning permission.
  • Roofing – Poly-carbonate is a lot cheaper than glazed or tiled roofing.
  • Landscaping – how much work will be needed to “tidy-up” afterwards.
  • Local or “National” Installers – it’s common to see price differential here for the same size room.
  • Time of year – during busy times, the pricing could be influenced.
  • Sales, Discounts & Special Offers – it could pay dividends to look around for a deal.
  • Guarantees & Warranties – included in the price or not?
  • Access – if you have a difficult plot, labour charges could increase.
  • Additional Building work – taking down walls / “making good”.
  • Drains & utilities – are you building over drains or moving water mains or power lines?

You should look to confirm that the fully fitted cost at least includes things such as:

All foundation work – Internal window cills – power outlets – certified electrical wiring (including making sure your existing system can handle the extra load) – tiled floor – lights & wall switches – rendering & plastering to internal walls where needed.

What Size Budget Should I Use For My New Conservatory?

Always get conservatories prices in writing from a reputable company

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Value for Money & A Good Investment – Conservatory Prices Guide

Conservatory Prices GuideAccording to a survey by a Nationwide Building Society, having a new conservatory can add as much as 10% to the re-sale value of your home, and with the average value in the UK at around £200,000 it means that building a conservatory is not only a cost effective way of extending, but also a decent financial investment.

However, you should also consider your local area, as the houses in your street can determine your maximum resale price also.

Don’t rely on a verbal estimate, it’s “not worth the paper it’s written on”. Get at least 3 quotes in writing from reliable companies with a track record of work in your area – once it’s in writing you are clear about what you are getting for your money.

Lean-To (small)VariousCirca £4,000 onward
Victorian, Edwardian, GableVariousCirca £6,000 (+) subject to final size & design
Shaped Rooms – (P, T, L etc.)VariousCirca £8,000 (+) subject to final size & design
Orangeries & Bespoke Roomscombinationfrom £10,000 to £35,000 + above (bespoke)

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