Conservatory Roofing

Conservatory Roofing Options

When planning your new conservatory, you may want to consider an option for using poly-carbonate panels in the roof section as using them can be a very useful option.

For those of you who already have a conservatory, but either have problems with the roof or just want to upgrade, you can have the roof fully replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole room.

The industry has moved heavily into replacement conservatory roofing of late and there are a considerable number of elegant solutions to look into, so why go for a complete room replacement when you can totally re-vamp your structure with new conservatory roofing options.

Poly-carbonate glazed panels

Conservatory Roofing

Poly-carbonate Conservatory Roofing is a very cost effective & practical alternative to glass double glazed units for use in your conservatory, due to the fact that it’s said to be 100 X stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof, qualities that could save you the expense of replacing glazed units if they are in a place that is susceptible to impact from various objects.

Another benefit is that Poly-carbonate panels are considerably lighter than full glass sealed units and can therefore reduce direct loading on conservatory roofing structures. As a consequence of this, using poly-carbonate could well allow larger, more elaborate roofing or reduce the need for structural strengthening and help bring down construction costs. Certain panels can be designed to help lower glare and reduce the related internal room heating effects and are available in different colours like bronze or opal. Roof vents or opening panes can be built into the roofing sections with electrically & manual opening windows available.

Although there have been recent changes in planning permissions with regards to what percentage of a conservatory must be”translucent” (glazed) to qualify as a permitted development, it is going to be prudent to check with your local authority before you go ahead & replace a glazed roof with a tiled one.

What does a replacement conservatory roof cost?

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