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Cost of a Conservatory Roof?

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What Factors Affect the Cost of a Conservatory Roof?

Conservatory roof pricing

Cost of a Conservatory Roof?If you’re thinking of buying a new conservatory or having the roof replaced on the one that you already own, how can you calculate how much it will cost or even work out if you can get a price for the work that is inside your budget?

Here are some factors that might affect the cost of your conservatory roof that might help you to make the most of your money.

Roof Size

The size of your conservatory will affect how much you need to spend. If you don’t already have a conservatory then think carefully about the overall designs – some types of conservatory have more complex roofs (Gable, Victorian, Edwardian etc.), but if you are doing a replacement, you may have the option to simplify the renewed version.


Conservatory prices vary dramatically based on the shape – a simple lean to conservatory roof could be an “easy” job, but when you get into vaulted or pitched roofing, the expenses can be higher, as the supporting structure will need to be more complex also.


Ornate designs such as Victorian conservatory roofs have fancy ridge lines, eaves & guttering for example. You can make a decision to have less elaborate finishing touches if you are happy with the overall look that it creates – even if it is not necessarily as “eye catching”.


Clearly this is another major consideration in terms of costing – a fully glazed high spec vaulted roof is obviously going to be more costly than a single plane poly-carbonate one. However, there are also options to use uPVC composite panels, tiles or slates – Recently many bespoke conservatory roofing products, such as specialised tiling & roofing systems can now be found in the market which gives consumers a much wider set of options that there was even just a few years ago.

Your Installer

Size, shape, decoration & materials only make up part of the story because you’re also paying a contractor for labour time and each company will have its own pricing structure based on their overhead & profit margin.

Choosing someone to build a conservatory for your home is not just as simple as calling the first number in the local business directory & letting them get on with it.

In the case of major home improvements such as this, going for the cheapest priced quote may not always be the best decision and, unless you are really on a lower fixed budget & short time-scale to meet, it’s going to pay dividends to do your homework on any installer that you are considering on your “shortlist” and then compare a selection of written quotations from different contractors (a high price does not always come with the best workmanship either).

COMPARE CONSERVATORY PRICESGuarantees & warranties may bump up the cost a little, but the peace of mind could be worth it – look for a company that is properly certified to do the work and that can offer things like insurance backed deposit guarantees as part of the deal and get them to provide references from prior satisfied clients in your locale.

An itemised written quote is a valuable tool in your quest to find the best prices and most suited installer. – return to the home page.