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Hardwood & Timber Conservatory Cost

Timber and hardwood conservatory

What Does a Hardwood & Timber Conservatory Cost?

Since the very first conservatory was built, hardwoods & soft woods have always been used. Even in the modern trend to drive towards being energy efficient, conservatories made out of wood will always have a place in the market.
The best timber conservatories will deliver on looks, security, energy efficiency and value for money.

Types of Wooden Conservatories

Synthetic or Engineered Wood

Engineered woodTypically, you would consider using hard or softwoods, but modern manufacturing methods are now making engineered wood a very cost effective solution.Created from using smaller sections of wood, the timber is laminated & glued in order to make larger pieces which are then machined into the desired size & shape. The major plus points about using engineered timber is that it is usually is knot free, highly resistant to warping or shrinkage and can be made into large load bearing beams.As a timber, it can also be painted or stained to almost any colour.


The most often used would be Redwood or Pine and both of these timbers are light in colour with an open grain. You are going to have to take a lot of care to maintain softwoods as they are not naturally able to resist harsh weather and will need to be well painted or stained & varnished at regular intervals to make it last anywhere near the lifespan of hardwood.


oak-mahoganyI suppose the first hardwood type to come to mind of most people would be Oak, Teak or Mahogany, but there are some great other hardwoods such as
  • Idigbo, that can look like Oak
  • Sapele, that looks like mahogany - very often found as a door veneer and suited more to internal use.
  • Iroko, very similar to Teak, in that it is a light colour.
  • Meranti, from South Asia which can be pale to dark red

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